UVANTA prefers to stay on the cutting-edge with new technology to meet the demands of our customers and help them thrive in a growing, changing, and competitive industry. Therefore, we have taken a proactive approach with our innovative strip packaging system, VantagePAQ.

VantagePAQ is a state-of-the-art automated packaging and dispensing system that combines the use of highly advanced software technology and computerized packaging equipment to provide single or multi-dose pouch-style packaging options for medication to be offered in a variety of short-cycle dispensing formats.

Here are some of the key benefits of our exclusive VantagePAQ system

Pharmacy Medicine Packaging by Uvanta Healthcare and pharmacy serving VantagePAQ for residents and patients in Des Plaines Northern Illinois and Fox Valley of Wisconsin

The unique pouch-style packaging works well in a variety of health care settings, creating greater flexibility to serve more patients and residents.

VantagePAQ options include: package size, dose quantity, and cycle frequency, offering the flexibility for customization to meet the different needs of today’s health care providers.

The serrated edge of the
VantagePAQ pouch allows for easy opening with a consistent tear, optimizing med pass efficiency.

The opaque printed surface
and clear backing of each pouch allow for easy identification and verification of medications.

With VantagePAQ, med pass is quicker and promotes greater compliance with more timely and accurate medication administration.

VantagePAQ allows the
flexibility to offer shorter dispensing cycles which can reduce packaging costs and lower medication costs.

VantagePAQ can help
us to protect the environment by reducing unnecessary drug waste and eliminating bulky
packaging material.

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