Residents & Families

Unlike the traditional retail pharmacy, your local UVANTA Pharmacy specializes exclusively in providing pharmacy and consulting services to long-term care facilities, with a focus on serving the pharmaceutical needs of skilled nursing and assisted living facilities. Our highly trained staff of professionals combine their business and clinical expertise with state-of-the art technology to provide the very best personal care to every resident and family we serve.

We work closely with the facility’s nursing staff to provide the highest quality of care for each resident and we are committed to:

  • Delivering the very best pharmaceutical care to ensure optimal health and safety for each resident
  • Accurate and timely delivery of needed medications 24/7
  • Maximum value through competitive pricing and medication cost management
  • Providing prompt and courteous response to your questions and concerns
  • Minimize the administrative burden for facility staff, families and residents

To deliver on our important mission, each UVANTA Pharmacy provides an array of resident-focused services:

Expert Consultant Pharmacist Reviews

Our consultant pharmacists visit each facility to review each resident’s medication regimen. This service is to ensure that all medications are being used appropriately and that they are properly administered to prevent the potential for dangerous medication interactions and eliminate unnecessary or duplicate medications. Also, the consultant pharmacist participates in the facility’s quality assurance and care plan meetings to offer recommendations relating to medication utilization that can improve the quality of life and reduce costs for the residents and facility through appropriate medication therapy.

Specialized Infusion Therapy Services

UVANTA has the knowledge, expertise and resources to provide complex infusion therapy medications and services. These are services that require special skills, knowledge, equipment, and state-of-the-art facilities that not all pharmacies have available. However, you can rest assured that UVANTA Pharmacies have what it takes to provide this important level of care to long-term care residents.

Safe and Secure Packaging, Dispensing & Delivery Systems

To ensure resident safety, UVANTA dispenses each resident’s medications in specialized packaging designed for ease-of-use and safety when used with proper administration practices. Our specialty packaging and drug distribution systems are coordinated with each facility to ensure prompt and accurate delivery of needed medications on a daily basis, including after-hours and emergencies.

Accurate Billing Services

UVANTA accepts Medicaid, Medicare Part D and most other insurance plans. To assist residents and their families with today’s complex insurance programs, UVANTA’s billing specialists handle all of the details for submitting claims. Our easy to understand monthly billing statements provide you with an accurate description of the medications and their costs. Our expert billing staff is available to answer your questions. To speak with a billing representative, simply contact your local UVANTA Pharmacy.