vantage-planUVANTA has developed a special consultative approach to establishing and building lasting relationships with our pharmacy customers. This unique approach begins with our exclusive VantagePLAN™, a customized “Plan of Care” for you. Just as you develop a care plan for the residents you serve, we too design a care plan that is designed specifically for your facility, aligning our services and resources to meet your needs and expectations.

Through collaborative discussions and decision-making, we work with you to determine solutions that create win-win opportunities for all parties involved. We develop your “Plan of Care” to implement the ideas and solutions that we agree upon. Together, we establish benchmarks and guidelines for follow-up, establish assessment and completion dates, and then review our progress together to make certain that the alignment process is working and that you are getting the results you expect.

Here are the steps taken in developing your unique VantagePLAN:

Step 1 – Definition of Goals and Expectations

  • Clarify Issues/Concerns
  • Establish Goals and Expectations
  • Define the key requirements to deliver the desired results

Step 2 – Determine Solutions

  • Develop ideas for win-win solutions
  • Evaluate the best solutions to achieve the desired results
  • Obtain mutual agreement

Step 3 – Implementation/Follow-up

  • Develop a plan designed to make the solution work
  • Establish benchmark and measurement guidelines to make sure the plan is working
  • Follow-up and assess the results

Contact your local UVANTA Pharmacy and let’s get started.