vantage-linkA long-term care pharmacy that can really communicate…

VantageLINK™ is an internet based tool that streamlines communication, gives you quick access to important information, and makes communication with your UVANTA Pharmacy even easier. You can send and receive messages with the click of your mouse. Receive order confirmation and status updates instantly. You get the answers you need faster.

With VantageLINK you can:

  • Preview Admissions – Evaluate the Financial Impact of a Potential Admission.
  • Refill Meds Online – Refill Meds Without Faxing or Calling
  • Check Rx Order Status – Check Status Without Calling the Pharmacy
  • Obtain Medical Records – Print MAR’s, TAR’s, ADL’s and other forms.
  • Access Resident Profile – Available 24/7, Access to View, Maintain and Print Resident Information
  • Direct Message – Internal Messaging to Communicate in Real Time
  • View Billing Information – Up-to-date Billing Information Available Anytime

VantageLINK is:

  • Web Based – No Software to Install
  • Always Up-to-Date
  • Connected Directly to Your UVANTA Pharmacy
  • Encrypted, Secure, HIPAA Compliant
  • Easy to Use
  • Available at No Additional Cost

To lean more about VantageLINK, contact your local UVANTA Pharmacy.

VantageLINK Web Sites: