Cost Management

cost-managementCost Management Strategies and Systems

UVANTA works on the premise that our success should only come through your success. Because of this fundamental belief, we are dedicated to helping you reach your clinical and financial goals. We understand that a key part of your success is achieving bottom line results. That is why UVANTA provides you with practical cost management strategies and systems as one way to help you meet your financial goals.

Here are some of the things we do:

We work closely with your facility’s billing office, residents, families and/or responsible parties, in order to assure all that medications are billed accurately and appropriately.

We work directly with third party payors to coordinate drug benefits for optimal benefit coverage for UVANTA customers.

We can flag our pharmacy system to alert us when high-cost medications are ordered, we then notify the facility and offer recommendations for more cost-effective medications, if available.

Upon request, UVANTA will provide limited quantity dispensing of medications that are high-cost and/or subject to frequent changes.

A prospective review of new medication orders is conducted prior to dispensing to identify therapeutic interchange opportunities and offer recommendations for more cost-effective medication therapy.

UVANTA will work with physicians and facilities wishing to implement a strategic medication formulary program.