LTC Advantage Model

Expanding your business into LTC means a significant investment of your time and money. Consider the cost of technology, expert staffing, supplies and equipment, not to mention the time negotiating pharmaceutical and supply contracts. With the LTCAdvantage Program we have you covered, with access to substantial savings through UVANTA’s LTC Contract Program, along with the knowledge and expertise of the UVANTA staff who will help you every step of the way. Under the LTCAdvantage Program you can choose from a range of services that will give your LTC business a competitive edge and help you meet the challenges of expanding your LTC pharmacy clientele.

Become An LTCAdvantage Member

UVANTA Healthcare supports our LTCAdvantage pharmacies with group buying power, operational economies of scale and business management expertise that would otherwise not be available to an independent pharmacy. Our UVANTA Healthcare staff is committed to the long-term support of our LTCAdvantage Members. We empower our members with the essential tools, resources and knowledge needed to provide outstanding pharmacy services while effectively competing in today’s highly competitive LTC pharmacy marketplace. We invite you to join the LTCAdvantage network and discover how UVANTA can help you grow your LTC pharmacy business while making a difference in your community.

If your future is in the LTC pharmacy business or if this market presents opportunity for your business, call us. We are the recognized leaders in the LTC pharmacy field and we can put that expertise to work for your business now. Your future is UVANTA!