Billing Services

Yes, more than anything, UVANTA is about building relationships and delivering results, and that includes the practical side to the long-term care business. It’s not all about the daily activities of providing care, relieving pain, improving or prolonging lives. We understand that timely and accurate billing is very important too. Even through this practical task, we build close working relationships with your billing staff and establish the necessary communication channels to assure that you get the results you need. Here are some of the billing services we offer to ensure your billing statements are right and right on time.

Timely, Accurate and Easy to Understand Billing Statements

Billing Services by UVANTA healthcare with pharmacies located in Fox Valley Wisconsin and Des Plaines Northern Illinois

Medicare Part A and Managed Care

UVANTA offers competitive pricing for your facility’s Medicare and Managed Care residents.

UVANTA will bill the proper payor for medication charges that were incurred while covered under their plan. Whether the resident receives drug coverage benefit from Medicaid, Medicare, or any another third party payor, UVANTA will make sure the appropriate coverage is in effect and billed accurately.

Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plans (PDPs)

UVANTA is an authorized provider for most third party prescription providers under Medicare Part D. UVANTA electronically bills all third party plans. If needed, UVANTA will apply to be an authorized provider for a third party prescription provider if a current agreement is not in place.

State Medicaid

All UVANTA pharmacies participate in, and electronically bill applicable state medicaid plans.

Private Accounts

UVANTA will direct bill the resident or responsible party for private accounts and Medicare Part D co-pays.

Electronic and Standard Billing Services

Our objective is to consistently provide your facility and residents with timely and accurate billing.

Standard Billing Service

Electronic Billing Service

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